Recovery from exercise is the key to improving athletic performance. You are only able to train as well as you can recover. The key to better results on the sporting field or during a race is being able back up day after day from heavy training.

Our Altitude Recovery System is able to ensure you can bounce back and be ready to train hard again tomorrow!

A lot of research over many years has studied the effects of training and recovering at altitude. The latest evidence has proved the "Train Low Recovery High" theory is the most effective was of ensuring optimal athletic performance. This theory derives from training at sea level, but resting at altitude.

This enables more rigorous, consistent work outs without compromising quality (which normally occurs as you are unable to train as hard at altitude). Here at Bayswater Foot and Ankle Clinic, we are able to bring the Alps to you to ensure enhanced recovery and an overall improvement to your performance.

Our Altitude Recovery System is able to to regulate the flow of oxygen to you and control the partial pressure in which it is delivered, which replicates the conditions found at altitude. We are able to control just how high we take you, but studies have found that optimal recovery occurs between 2400m and 3200m.



The amount of oxygen available at altitude is less than at sea level. The higher you go, the less oxygen available in the atmosphere. The same also applies to the partial pressure of oxygen..the higher you go, the lower the pressure. By exposing your body to altitude regularly, it is able to cause a number of physiological effects within the body.


  • Increased levels of enzymes which stimulate the production of EPO (naturally of course!)
  • Increased levels of EPO lead to an increased production of Red Blood Cells
  • More Red Blood Cells lead to increased levels of oxygen in the blood stream and reaching your muscles
  • Increased levels of oxygen within your blood stream and muscles lead to faster removal of waste products, more efficient delivery of nutrients and increased hematocrit levels


  • Stimulate the body to utilise oxygen more efficiently
  • Increase fat loss
  • Increase Blood Saturation levels
  • Increase oxidative enzymes
  • Increase VO2 Max
  • Increase ventilation
  • Decrease CO2 levels within the blood stream and muscles