The Ankle joint is a unique and complex joint within our bodies. It plays a pivotal role in our biomechanics and helps connect our feet to the lower limb.
There are multiple tendons, ligaments, nerves, arteries, bones and connective tissue structures that pass through the region and due to the unique nature of the ankle joint, there can be many causes for ankle pain.

Some common causes of ankle pain include:

* Acute Inversion Ankle Sprain
* Ligament Sprain
* Tibialias Posterior Tendonopathy
* Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
* Tibial Stress Fracture
* Achilles Tendonopathy
* Sever’s Disease
* Talar Dome Bruising
* Anterior Nerve Impingement

One of the more common conditions is a ligament sprain. There are many ligaments that protect the ankle joint and the number one cause of a ligament sprain is an inversion ankle sprain.
An ankle sprain can happen any time, but usually occurs when playing sport or walking on an uneven surface. When a sprain occurs, it will often damage one or more of the ATFL, CFL and PTFL structures.
Ankle sprains are often mistaken as a minor injury, but if the appropriate management and rehab isn’t established, the likelihood of re-injury or a permanently weaker ankle is very high.

As there are many causes for ankle pain, it is important to have a thorough examination to establish what structure is responsible for the ankle pain, what has caused it to occur and the best way to manage it.
Our Podiatrists are able to correctly assess, diagnose and manage your ankle pain effectively.