Corns and callouses present on almost every person at some stage in our lifetime.
They can range from being very mild and small to extremely deliberating.

Corns and callouses form due to excessive pressure over a certain area of skin. When the skin is subject to excessive forces, it lays down extra layers of skin to protect itself and prevent it from breaking down. These excessive forces can be caused by flat feet, hammer toes, bunions, footwear and biomechanical abnormalities.

Common sites include the top surface of toes, the ball of the foot, in-between the toes and around the heel.

It is strongly recommend that ‘over the counter’ remedies such as corn pads or acid based treatments are avoided under all circumstances. They can cause serious side effects such as infections, ulceration of the skin and cellulitis.
Podiatrists are able to effectively remove corns and callouses painlessly and comfortably.