Ingrown toenail are a common form of nail pathology.
It is often a painful condition in which the toenail grows in such a way that that it cuts into one or both sides of the surrounding sulci or nail bed.

If left untreated, it can lead to an extreme level of pain and inflammation, bacterial infection, hypergranulation tissue and an altered walking pattern.

They are often caused by ill fitting footwear or incorrect cutting of the toenail.

There are two main forms of treatment for ingrown toenails;

Conservative Management:
In mild to moderate cases of ingrown toenails, removal of the nail spike, filing of the nail edge and effective bandaging can be painlessly achieved with our specialist tools and dressings.

Surgical Intervention:
In more severe cases of ingrown toenails, removal of the entire nail edge can be achieved through a partial nail avulsion (PNA) surgery. It involves removal of and destruction of the nail edge responsible for the ingrown toenail under a local anaesthetic in a sterile environment.

Our Podiatrists are able to manage all forms of ingrown toenails and use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the most pain free and effective form of long term management.