Overuse injuries typically occur when people commence too much weightbearing activity during a short period of time.
Our bodies can only handle a certain amount of load over a given time period.

Overuse injuries commonly occur in sedentary people commencing a physical activity program, athletes returning to training after a lay off and children.

Common overuse injuries can include:

* Stress Fractures
* Muscle Strains
* Shin Pain
* Heel Pain
* Nerve Impingements
* Achilles Tendonopathy
* Tibialias Posterior Tendonopathy

As there are many causes of an overuse injury forming, it is important to have a thorough examination to establish what structure is responsible for the pain, what has caused it to occur and the best way to manage it correctly.
Our Podiatrists are able to correctly assess, diagnose and manage any overuse injury effectively.