September 1, 2019

And we are super excited to bring this amazing product to our patients

Archies are PERFECT for summer, because lets face it…factors such as the weather and the Australian way of life make wearing orthopedic shoes impossible once that hot weather kicks in

But why are Archies so good?
Here are some reasons why;
-Designed by a Physiotherapist (A Melbourne one of course 😉 )
-They look amazing
-Are VERY comfortable
-Have a high level of arch support
-Firm top straps to prevent toes clawing
-Memory foam material that moulds to your feet
-No breaks or ‘blowouts’

We sell these both online and in the clinic.
Feel free to come in and try a pair on anytime and our friendly reception staff or Podiatrists can help you choose the right size and more importantly, colour!

For more information, send us a message via Facebook or Instagram (search Bayswater Foot and Ankle Clinic) or call 9729 7244

Lahni McKenzie

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